Post-Japan Reflections

I am sure at least one person out there is curious as to how my trip went. It was fantastic. We did a bunch of touristy things, and tried some of the fun stuff the locals enjoy. We stayed in a few cities, including Tokyo and Kyoto, and a hot spring resort (called a Ryokan, by the way).

As for the tantalizingly yummy details, I learned a few interesting things in Japan that I thought I would share.

1. Sex shops don’t necessarily hide it. There are a number that have the door wide open and you can just go in. One even had blow-up-dolls modeling the shop’s lengerie outside the front door. They also didn’t check ID. You could just waltz right in.

2. Women aren’t usually allowed in the porn video section. I am not kidding. I was not allowed to enter and see what kind of kinky/sexy videos they had for sale, simply because I was blessed with a vagina instead of a penis. How freaking sexist!

3. It is more difficult to find a sex-based themed cafe than popular “sex” culture would lead you to belive. Granted, we weren’t in Shinjuku, where I hear there are a lot more of those kinds of places.

4. There are whole congregations of love hotels. No, really. There were at least a dozen where our love hotel was. We were there for three nights and actually greatly enjoyed the room. It had a great, deep bathtub, and a really big bed. The room was more spacious than a lot of the ones we stayed in, but was cheaper than most of them.

5. You can actually book a love hotel online. They generally don’t have official websites you can book in (often), but you can usually book them through travel agencies. I was kind of surprised it was actually a love hotel, and even more surprised when I walked through the door to the room and heard a porn playing. My friend (who lives in Japan) said it was actually not uncommon for people to rent a love hotel while on vacation. The room was pretty damn well insulated, too.

6. The Japanese porno videos I saw were not all that great. Then again, I generally don’t see many live-action pornos that I do enjoy. I am much more into the animated porn (called Hentai) than I am live-action. Hentai was not available to watch on their video on demand. :( I also, generally, rarely find a porno where people actually seem to be enjoying themselves. Japanese much moreso.

Running amok in Japan

Yes, Hubby and I are getting ready to jump on a jet plane and go run amok in one of the most kinky, fetishist countries in the world. Under the table, of course. I don’t know that walking down the streets one would outright know that any particular building is a sex-shop or love hotel. Apparently one of our cheap hotels is actually a love hotel, according to the description. If it truly is, I will have to take pictures and post it here. ;-)

In other news, we had a positive anal-sex experience. He was laying behind me, grabbing my breasts and fondling my clitoris. I suddenly had the image of being fucked in the ass and the vagina at the same time, and boy did that turn me on. We haven’t any playmates (for various reasons), so the idea was for him to still be behind me and fuck my ass while using the jackrabbit in my vagina. While pleasant during, it wasn’t the best (I am big, remember, and though beautiful, it takes long arms to reach around my curves) for my pleasure. And, after he came, I started getting close, but the sensation of substances (some feces and lots of cum) coming out of my anus was very distracting. And a turn off. :(

However, there was little pain (only when he started pushing too quick… I gotta lead, or it doesn’t work). I count that as a positive.  ;)

Hokay, gotta pack and get moving if we are going to hop this plane and take my BSNDW-ness and his NDN-lover-ness to the land of the rising sun!

To do or not to do: sexy photo shoot?

I am starting to think perhaps I should break my fastidious anonymity and do a sexy photo shoot… I have been pondering this for a while, but still side with “no, not yet.”    I think it is because, outside of my house, this blog, my facebook/twitter for this blog, and my own head… I am very vanilla. I don’t know that my vanilla-world would be accepting of this, especially since I work for a very small healthcare organization. I don’t think they would be pleased to find out that I am a sex-blogger, much less a self-published sexy-model (if I decide to do photos).  I also have very poor self-esteem (which I keep hoping this blog and related social media could help with), I think I would get tons of haters flaming me for even dreaming of feeling sexy. :(

I am thinking of doing #sexyselfiesunday for my twitter account — post a sexy self-photo for Sunday.   Maybe it would increase my self-esteem? But what if vanilla-world found out? Would I get disowned by my very religious family? Fired from my job?

What’s a poor closet-nymphomaniac to do?


Q&A #1

A friend of my husband’s asked hubby and I some questions today, which led to a very interesting conversation. So? I thought it would be interesting to answer a few of them here, too. :)

Have you ever had a threesome?

No, I have never had a threesome. Sometimes it sounds really alluring (again, re: filling multiple orifices), but I really think it sounds complicated. I mean, there are logistics of who goes where, what relationship statuses are, jealousy, etc.

Have you ever had an orgy?

Nope, can’t say I have. I mean, we have had three or more people in a room without shoes and socks (old definition of orgy), but I haven’t had sex with multiple partners and/or in the same space as other couples/trios/peeps having sex.  Some of it is my childhood religion I was raised in, some of it is shyness/fear, some is that complication factor, again.

Has Hubby ever taken it in the ass?

Yes, yes he has. The first butt plug we purchased was for him. He really did enjoy it… we should probably play with his butt some more. One day, I would love to try a double-dildo and fuck my husband in the ass. For some reason that is really appealing… So far, though, that hasn’t really happened.

Have you ever been on a webcam?

Uhm, Skyping my family and friends, yeah… but that has always happened with clothes ON and in a non-sexual manner. I don’t know that I would ever try doing a webcam. I don’t think my girlie-bits are much to look at, and it feels too… exposed?… for me. Someday I may graduate to a few pictures… maybe… I don’t know.

Have more questions? Post them in the comments below and I will see about answering them. Supposedly I have people who follow this blog, but so far no commentators. Makes me wonder how many people actually read this… should I bother continuing?  In other news, I now have exactly 1 follower on Twitter.  Feel free to follow me, there! I may even post some juicy tidbits not found on here. You never know.  I also have exactly 1 friend on facebook. Tom doesn’t count. Makes me feel kinda lonely out here in the webiverse. :(


Multi-penetration: too much!

Due to the non-desire to deal with intricacies of relationships and logistics, I have only one sex partner. Don’t let the title mislead you. My husband and I don’t want to involve others in playtime… too messy, always thinking: who will be top, what positions we wanna play with, do we trust each other, which relationship is primary, blah blah blah. Too much for me. But, for me sex is all about connection, intimacy, soul. Okay, passion is a great component, too, but I can’t just fuck anyone because I am passionate.

Little disclaimer aside, I was hot and bothered by some sexual-stimulation videos online and had the fantastic notion that I wanted to be penetrated in all three holes. At once. And my husband should be in my mouth because I don’t like the taste of silicone. He went along with the notion, getting the medium and big butt-plugs, the jackrabbit, and the water-based lube.  He slid the medium butt-plug into my eagerly awaiting ass. It wasn’t very satisfying… I begged for the big one.  He grinned, calling me his “good girl.” He told me to take it in my ass, praising me for how well I was taking it in, how quickly and easily my ass swallowed the toy.

I laid on my back, keeping the buttplug firmly in my ass. He climbed atop of me in the classical 69 position, thrusting the jackrabbit in my wet and wanting vagina. My lips came up to wrap around his penis. He turned on the moving beads inside the toy on medium-high and I squirmed with pleasure. I licked my husband’s glans. I slid my tongue down the shaft to the scrotum, and back again. I took his entire 7+ inch penis deep into my throat. He turned on the clitoral stimulator, to a setting that moves from gentle to intense vibrations.  My husband propped the vibrator on a pillow and shifted so his hands reached my breasts. He pinched my nipples and I screamed around his penis. We continued this for a short handful of minutes and…Too much!

I had him remove both toys, shivering with edge-of-orgasm intensity. We assumed the missionary position. I orgasmed almost immediately, then was on the rise again as he pushed rapidly towards climax… We both came so strongly that we fell asleep shortly after.

We tried again another night, this time just double-penetration with my husband in my ass and the jackrabbit in my vagina. Again, I couldn’t take it very long before we had to switch to single-penetration vaginal sex. (Partially in fear, I have heard that the anus can tear during orgasm if a man tries to remove the penis, or continues to move it back and forth… fact?)   Sadly, I didn’t orgasm just from the vaginal sex, but my husband enjoyed using the jackrabbit in my vagina (and silver bullet on my nipples) to bring me to a spine-shuddering climax.  Despite taking so long, he seems to really enjoy playing with me like that. Makes him hard, turns him on…

I would like to pursue more multi-penetration, anal-including sex. Oral and vaginal doesn’t seem to bring me so close so quickly… but somehow the addition of anal stimulation makes it suddenly too intense.  I also have this fear of damage: the membranes and skin of the anus can be torn if moved wrong if a penis or object is pulled out too roughly, or suddenly. I don’t want to hurt my ass…  Anyone have some feedback or thoughts? Please comment below.

Erotically yours,